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Sunday, August 16, 2009

BABYLAND Pink-Choco (available : 2 pcs-booked)

* Comes with 3 layer 100% microfiber terry inserts (5"x13.5")
which is a strong absorbent material and can absorb urine fast.
* Front snap with strong adjuster to create Size S, M or L diaper.
* One Size diaper Fits baby between 3-13kg
* Easy to adjust waist and leg
* Super absorbent - 3 layer inserts and inner cotton
* Original cotton material inner.
Very soft and comfortable for baby's skin and prevent skin suffering from diaper rash.
* Waterproof outer with PUL lamination to prevent leakage - breathable
* Made of 100% Polyester/Original cotton
* Machine washable

AVAILABLE : 5 sold /2 booked-liza
Kasi PROMOSI skit... :)
Hanya RM29 shj dgn 1 insert
+ percuma 1 insert lagi (selagi stok masih ada)....
Apa lagi meh le borong... :) Market price RM32.00++

Call/SMS - 013.399 5899 [Sarah]

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