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Monday, January 4, 2010

Tips nak ajar anak gosok gigi dgn jaya nya.... :)

Getting Your Kids to Brush: Advice from Experienced Moms

"The best tool we've found for brushing teeth is the new spinning toothbrush from Colgate. It's only $6 and my 4 year old can't wait to use it several times per day." -- Koren from WA

"About brushing your toddlers teeth; I've always told my little ones that their teeth are saying "Yaah, we're getting a bath." -- Ellen from MS

"This is in re: to your item about how to encourage a toddler to brush his/her teeth. We make it fun by making silly faces, i.e. big toothy grin to reach the front teeth, opening wide to reach the molars, etc." -- Sue from IL

Tips for getting young kids interested in brushing their teeth:

  1. Pretend you are tickling their teeth with the toothbrush. This works well with brushing their tongue too because that can really tickle.

  2. Take turns. First I let my girls brush their own teeth and then it is my turn to brush their teeth.

  3. After brushing their teeth let them have a turn brushing or "tickling" your teeth.

-- Jen from WI

I have three children and what worked best was always letting them watch me brush my teeth first. Later I would let them play with a toothbrush (when I was watching) because it is natural to put it in their mouths immediately. Then, I would get that really good tasting kids toothpaste (Crest) and put it on the brush. Then I would play a little game and pretend to find germs in their mouth and tell them oh no germs lets get them out! I would give them lots of attention saying their is one over here, oh no one over here. I would squeal with joy with then brushed that bad old germ away.

I would give them a cup of water and show them myself how to drink and to spit it out. Earlier when they started sticking stuff in their mouths I would tell them "Spit it out" and they learned by watching me spit it out or fold their cheeks and lips to a kiss shape and pull it out as they pushed the object with their tongue

The key was always saying "Cucka" and that meant anything dirty. So when they thought they had dirty teeth they would brush as I pointed and then spit the rest of them out.



Tooth Brushing Tips for Tots

Keeping a young child's pearly whites clean and healthy can actually be fun! Consider infusing the mundane task of tooth brushing with a little creativity to instill good lifelong dental hygiene habits.

Any parent whose toddler has clamped his mouth shut tightly during tooth-brushing time knows that enforcing good dental hygiene can spark a daily war of wills. Moms and dads, don't let tooth brushing become a battleground in your house! Step up to the challenge and learn some great tricks to set your child on his way to good dental care habits and a healthy smile!

They're Just Baby Teeth

Even though it's true that your child's primary, or "baby," teeth are eventually going to fall out, it's still crucial that parents and kids practice good dental habits from early on. Baby teeth help your child speak clearly and chew food. They also hold the space in a child's jaw so that the permanent teeth developing under the gums can grow in straight.

The American Academy of Family Physicians recommends that once a child's teeth appear, parents clean them twice a day with a soft, child-sized toothbrush. While using damp gauze or a soft wet cloth works well on baby's sensitive gums, a toothbrush is going to do a better job on a toddler's teeth, which are now closer together and more likely to have plaque—the soft, sticky, bacteria-containing deposits that accumulate on the teeth and cause decay. So what's the trick to getting toddlers to let you brush their pearly whites?

  • Monkey See, Monkey Do
    From the time your child is a baby, let him watch you brush your teeth. Show him through your smiles and actions how fun it is, and when your child is old enough, allow him to brush "just like Mommy and Daddy" do! It's OK if he chews on the bristles and just has a bit of water on the brush—you are setting the foundations of a healthy habit (and doing as what you can to avoid tooth brushing tantrums later!).
  • Get Goofy
    Look in your child's mouth and tell her you see something in there she'll find funny: mashed potatoes, pumpkins, sugar bugs, etc. Be silly about it, exclaiming, "Oh boy! We'd better get those giant tomatoes out of your teeth!" with flair. If you play the dramatic comedian, your child is likely to focus more on you than the brush going into her mouth.
  • Sing a Silly Song
    Children love routine, and singing the same song each night will help calm your child—he will appreciate the predictability. Singing will also make the brushing time pass more quickly! Raffi has a great tooth brushing song, or you can make up your own song to a familiar tune. Don't be afraid to use nonsense words, sound effects—whatever it takes to get the job done.

  • http://www.babyzone.com/baby_toddler_preschooler_health/hygiene_bath_time/article/tooth-brushing-tips


    How to Trick a Toddler Into Brushing Their Teeth

    By eHow Contributing Writer
    (4 Ratings)

    Toddlers aren't born with good hygiene, so it's no wonder that tooth brushing is such a struggle for most children. If this is a problem in your house, you're probably desperate for ways to trick your toddler into brushing their teeth. Luckily, you can keep a few parental tricks up your sleeve that will get those pearly whites clean in no time flat.

    Difficulty: Moderate
    1. Step 1

      Choose the right toothpaste. If your toddler loves cherry-flavored treats, buy her toothpaste that comes in cherry flavor. If she likes bubble gum, try that. There are many different toddler toothpaste flavors on the market, and most come with cute cartoon character tubes that will help encourage her to brush regularly.

    2. Step 2

      Pick the right toothbrush. Cartoon characters and cool colors go a long way to making brushing more fun for your toddler. Take him shopping with you and let him pick out which toothbrush he wants to use. Electric models are especially great, since they clean more efficiently in a shorter time. There are even models that play music while he brushes, which can raise the fun factor.

    3. Step 3

      Model good behavior. Your toddler will model after your own behavior, so it's important to brush with her every morning and evening. Sit down and brush your teeth together, so that she knows the proper way to brush her teeth. Pretty soon, she'll be reminding you when it's time to brush her teeth.

    4. Step 4

      Set up a reward system. Sticker charts are an easy way to trick a toddler into brushing his teeth. Put up a colorful chart on the bathroom wall, and give him a sticker to put on the chart every time he brushes his teeth. After a certain number of stars, he can get a treat or a special day out.

    5. Step 5

      Let her be a big girl. Some toddlers want to do it all on their own, so give her the toothbrush and let her try to brush her teeth on her own. She may be more willing to let you finish the brushing up at the end and you can rest assured that most of her teeth are cleaned.

    6. Step 6

      Enlist the help of stuffed animals. Toddlers learn by modeling, so bring in his favorite teddy bear and "brush" the bear's teeth before your son brushes his. That way, he won't feel left out.



    Currently...ibu duk train Khalysh gosok gigi dgn cara yg betul...
    Sbb sblum ni main2 gosok kt depan aje...
    Sekali 2 hari lepas ibu perasan gigi geraham Khalysh dah kuar 4 btg...

    Susah gak nak gosok kt geraham tu...
    Dah le Khalysh suka makam macam2...
    Dah pandai nk makan topping donut aje...
    Nnt kalau tak gosok betul2 rosak gigi nnt...
    So hopefully pasni dptla Khalysh belajar gosok gigi betul2 ya...
    Harap2 laaa...cik kak ni ble tahan gak akai dia...
    Sejak dah pandai berbahse dan paham ckp org ni kan...
    Yg org suruh buat tu la yg dia buat2 xpaham...
    Sajeeee je...nak tgk ape kite nak buat kt dia...

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